Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rehoboth & Dewey Beach DE. 2015

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, August 2015. Nice place for shopping and food, but the beach is way over crowded. And the beaches are set up way different than NJ. Did like Dewey Beach better, not as crowded and at Rehoboth Bay. We ate at  The Lighthouse Restaurant for lunch at Dewey Beach , had fish & chips. Food was good, but the scenery was better than the food. The Lighthouse is on Rehoboth Bay at Dewey Beach. We took the Jolley Trolley back to Rehoboth Beach (It does a complete cycle many times a day between beaches) for dinner and I ate at Semra's Mediterranean Grill. I had a lamb & beef Gyro and Falafel balls. Great food. Would definitely go back to Dewey Beach, but once to Rehoboth Beach is enough.

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